Pro Biller

ProBiller is a popular payment gateway site. Financial institutions including Netbilling, EPOCH, Safecharge, and others use ProBiller to process payments.

The company says it only works with PCI-compliant financial processors. It pledges to ensure the protection and safety of user data. They require financial partners to maintain ethical billing practices before they can partner with the website.

ProBiller also provides a special service for fraud victims. The business also helps individuals identify purchases they cannot recall. The company’s customer service validates transaction details if purchases do not align with the credit card statement. Learn how you can cancel your ProBiller account.

To get started on canceling your ProBiller Account, you will need:

  • Your first and last name.
  • Your address and zip code.
  • The e-mail associated with the account.
  • The subscription account number.
  • The first six numbers or last four of your credit card used to purchase the subscription.

Steps to Cancel

Via Phone
  1. Contact ProBiller’s consumer service line at 1 (855) 232-9550.
  2. Ask to cancel your account or to end your subscription.
  3. Tell the consumer service rep to send an email cancellation confirmation.
Via E-mail
  1. Send a letter, requesting to cancel your ProBiller account to [email protected].
  2. Ask for an e-mail confirmation from the company.
Via Live Chat
  1. Go to ProBiller’s support site.
  2. Initiate a Live Chat.
  3. Tell ProBiller’s customer service representative to stop billing.
  4. Request an e-mail confirmation.

Insider Tip

Make sure to obtain a confirmation number from ProBiller. Keep this item handy just in case the company bills you again. Continue monitoring your credit card statements for any additional charges.

Company Information

ProBiller MG Billing US Corp.

  • Address 1: 2300 Empire Avenue | 7th Floor | Burbank, CA 91504
  • Address 2: 195-197 Old Nicosia-Limassol Road | Dali Industrial Zone 2540 | Block 1 | Cyprus
  • Telephone: 1 (855) 232-9550

Billing Descriptors

The following bill descriptors may show up on your credit card statement.

  • MBI-probiller.c