How do I Cancel my LegalShield

LegalShield is an online company that provides legal services in exchange for a small monthly fee. Through this service, members are able to have access to a legal team without the high cost of a retainer agreement. The firm connects its clients with regional lawyers who are experts on the law in the client’s location. They provide representation for simple items like to speeding tickets or large complex issues like estate planning and family law. When signing up, you can choose a family, business, or personal plan. Lawyers are available to draft documents, make phone calls, and give advice. If you find that you need representation in court, your membership will provide you with a 25% discount towards the lawyer’s hourly fees. By choosing LegalShield clients have saved thousands of dollars on legal fees while having the peace of mind that should something arise where they need legal help, their lawyer is just a phone call away. While it is nice to have the security of a lawyer in your corner, you may find that your LegalShield subscription is not right for you. If you would like to cancel your membership, the process is simple.

You need to be ready to provide your name, address, account number, last 4 digits of your driver’s license, and your date of birth.

To Cancel by Email

  1. Send a written notice to [email protected]
  2. Ask to cancel your account

Please Note

  • Your LegalShield subscription and monthly charges will continue until the company receives written notice that you would like to cancel your account.