How do I cancel my Nutrisystem Account

How do I cancel my Nutrisystem Account

If you need some help with losing a few extra pounds or improving your overall lifestyle, weight management plans such as Nutrisystem can be really helpful. But none of these programs are going to fit everyone perfectly – and some people just won’t benefit from them at all. So if you’re asking yourself “How do I cancel my Nutrisystem account right now?” Well, this article should surely help in answering that question.

Nutrisystem subscription: How does it work?

Nutrisystem is a world-renowned American weight loss program that provides you with pre-prepared dietary meals delivered right to your door. It comes in several different plans that allow different levels of customization and provides different quality/types of meals. Of course, they also differ in price – expect to pay between $10.18 and $15.36 per day plus any optional extras. Nutrisystem’s plan comes in regular monthly deliveries – one order consists of neatly pre-measured and pre-packed portions of your diet breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks or drinks for a whole month (they are either shelf-stable or frozen). Usually, all it takes is to heat them up, and they’re ready to be consumed. Your menu will differ from week to week based on the stage of the process and your individual needs. Customers are advised to allow at least 4 weeks for some significant effects of the diet to show, but in order to avoid the yo-yo effect, it’s always preferred to take your dietary transition slower. Once you’ve decided to sign up for Nutrisystem, you’ll be offered a discount on your first order, which can cut your initial investment approximately by half. What you should know is that you might be asked to “return” this discount in a form of cancellation fee ($125), if you try to cancel your Nutrisystem subscription prematurely. To avoid this penalty, you must cancel your subscription within the first 14 days or after your second monthly order.

Nutrisystem is a diet plan which has helped hundreds of people lose weight. However, weight loss is personal, and some people just do not find the service useful. This is when it’s time to cancel – however, you must remember to cancel both the subscription and auto-delivery of food, else you will continue to be charged. Luckily, Nutrisystem will offer refunds for the return of unopened food packages, so send food back if it comes after you know you’ve cancelled the services.   It’s also important to remember that cancelling after the first 14 days of using the service means you’ll be charged $99 for cancelling, so make sure to cancel within the first two weeks of the service, if necessary. It’s best to cancel all services over the phone, because auto-delivery cannot be cancelled online.    Gather these resources to cancel the service:

  • Nutrisystem billing or shipping invoice: this is where you will find your membership number.
  • The customer service number at 1 877 338 8446
  • Return Authorization Number, or RMA, if you want to send back frozen food selections.

Follow these steps to cancel your service:

  • Call the number listed above
  • Ask for a representative to discuss membership AND auto-delivery cancellation. Be sure to mention that you want to cancel both services.
  • Ask for the representative’s name and write it down, along with the time and date of the call, and keep it safe, to guard yourself against human error.
  • Give the representative your membership number and name.
  • Make sure to write down the cancellation confirmation number, because if any issues arise, you’ll need it to call the company again regarding your cancellation and possible refund for mistakes.
  • Ship unopened packages to the following address: OHL/Nutrisystem Returns Dept. (RMA#) 1490 Nitterhouse Drive Chambersburg, PA 17201
  • Make sure you receive a delivery confirmation, either through the post office or shipping company you use, to ensure the food was delivered back to Nutrisystem.

Information Regarding the RMA:

  • This number is essential for returning any food, especially if you want a refund.
  • If you can’t find this number, don’t worry. Call 1 800 585 5483 to request it from the company.
  • Remember that the return package must have a postmark within 48-72 hours of the time that you receive the RMA#, otherwise, the company may deny your request for refund.

When cancelling with this company, it’s important to follow up with the process. Call 1 877 338 8446 to make sure both the membership and the auto-delivery have been cancelled in your name. It is a lot of footwork, but it’s worth it to protect your budget from needless charges.

How to Change Your Nutrisystem Plan

If you’re not entirely happy with your Nutrisystem plan but still hesitate to cancel your account completely, there are several changes you should consider. Maybe it takes just some changes:

  • Nutrisystem allows you to upgrade or update your plan basically at any time before your next order is processed and shipped.
  • More expensive plans provide you with more gourmet dishes, they also allow much more customization, so you can pick only the meals you really enjoy.
  • If you find your portions too small or you simply miss some particular dishes/snacks, you can add any of your favorites through the Nutrisystem’s ‘A La Carte’ feature.
  • If you prefer food that doesn’t need any preparation and can be taken wherever you’re going, you can upgrade your plan with a “ready-to-go” feature.
  • Want to take some time off the program? You can delay your order whenever you like for up to 30 days for free (or for longer with a fee).

Some of these changes can be performed directly through the website (e.g. ordering a la carte), others (e.g. order delay) can be made only by contacting the customer support on 1-800-585-5483 or sending your request to [email protected].

Can I cancel my Nutrisystem account for free?

Although Nutrisystem has a strict cancellation policy with a cancelation fee, there are some tricks to make the process cheaper and less painful. Check if some of the following apply to your case:

  1. Cancel within the first 14 days: Nutrisystem offers free cancellation if you decide to quit within the first two weeks. But keep in mind that most of the users will not be able to see any significant results of the diet this fast, so this option is more suitable for those who have some other, more specific issues with the plan.
  2. Cancel after your second shipment: If you cancel your Nutrisystem Subscription after paying for your second month, the cancellation fee won’t apply to you anymore.
  3. Delay your shipment: You can delay your Nutrisystem order for up to 30 days for free. While this won’t make your obligations disappear completely, it can buy you some time to decide or reduce your overall expenses, if you’re able to maintain your achieved progress while skipping a month on the plan.
  4. Return your unopened meals: You can return any non-frozen and unopened meals you are not happy with within 30 days of their receipt. Nutrisystem will fully refund you for these meals, although you will have to pay for their return shipment. To do this, follow the same procedure that applies to cancellation. Call Nutrisystem’s customer service and ask for your return authorization number.

How to Cancel my Nutrisystem Account: FAQ

These are some of the frequently asked questions about Nutrisystem and its cancellation policy: How do I cancel my next Nutrisystem order? Your orders are processed as auto-deliveries, but you can amend or cancel each of them whenever you like – just make sure to do it before 6 PM (EST) on the day before the delivery’s standard shipping date. If you’re not sure when this date is, click on the ‘Manage My Next Auto-Delivery Order’ option in your Nutrisystem user account. Cancellations can be made only over the phone (use the toll-free line 1-800-585-5483). Does Nutrisystem have a money-back guarantee? If you’ve just received your first Nutrisystem order and don’t really like what you see, call 1-800-727-8046 and arrange your return for a full refund. Do it as soon as possible, and don’t open anything you want to return. The return shipping fee will be deducted from your refund. Can you cancel Nutrisystem after 1 month? Yes, you can cancel your Nutrisystem subscription and delete your account anytime you like. Just expect to pay a cancellation fee of $125 if you do it later than 14 days after your registration and before you pay for your second order. This penalty fee represents a discount you have received with your first order, and which you are obliged to return if you close your account prematurely.

Find a Replacement

These are our recommendations for 3 alternative weight management programs you might like: Jenny Craig Jenny Craig is a popular weight management service originally founded in Australia in the 1980s, but it currently has more than 700 branches all around the English speaking world. Jenny Craig offers a comprehensive package of services – from professional counseling to diet meal delivery. In comparison with Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig is a bit more pricey – you have to pay both your membership fee and the price of your meals, which is about $15 to $23 a day, plus shipping. But those who prefer Jenny Craig usually state that their counseling, support, and even the food itself makes it a clear winner in any comparison. Weight Watchers Weight Watchers is a dream weight loss program for those, who want to keep their freedom and enjoy full flexibility even during their transition. WW plans vary mostly in their form and amount of support you’re going to receive, but the most important is always your own initiative and pro-activity. The Weight Watchers program doesn’t forbid any particular food, so you will be able to eat most of the things you are used to. This also means that you won’t receive any pre-prepared dishes, and you’ll be even able to eat outside from time to time. Everything here focuses around the SmartPoints – as long as you stay within your recommended limits, you can basically eat everything you like. South Beach Diet If you want fast and drastic results, the South Beach Diet program might be just what you’re looking for. This popular method centers around the low glycemic index and promises rapid effect. It’s slightly more expensive and significantly more restrictive than Nutrisystem, but there are many happy customers who claim it’s really worth it. On the other hand, when it comes to the cancellation policy, Nutrisystem and South Beach Diet are all the same – if you want to quit before you receive your second order, you’ll be charged a cancellation fee of $125.

Our Recommendation: Conclusion

Nutrisystem has many good aspects. It’s an effective, customizable, tasty, and reliable weight management program that has surely helped thousands of its happy customers lose those extra pounds and maintain a healthier lifestyle. We hope this article will help you cope with this process as easy as possible, and that you’ll be able to find an alternative service that will work for you better (if that’s what you’re looking for). If you come across similar problems with another subscription service, don’t forget to check our comprehensive cancellation guides so we can continue to help you! How about reading our How to Cancel EOS Fitness article or our Blue Apron cancellation guide next?