How Do I Cancel My LA Fitness Membership?

How Do I Cancel My LA Fitness Membership?

Sometimes, the circumstances of your life simply make it difficult to maintain a gym membership. While LA Fitness is a widely renowned gym, personal circumstances can sometimes interfere with regular gym visits. Here are two ways to cancel your LA Fitness membership, along with some important information on payments and special circumstances.

LA Fitness Membership: How Does it Work?

Thousands of Americans attend fitness centers without any subscription, membership, or plan. While this might work perfectly for those, who have enough experience and don’t need any additional motivation, for many others membership is a welcomed guarantee of some professional guidance, a valuable sense of obligation, and a positive routine.

Last but not least, fitness club membership can lower your overall exercise-related expenses significantly and sometimes even provide you with some extra services or products you would normally have to pay for. 

Those who subscribe to the LA Fitness membership get access to 960+ fitness clubs all around the U.S. and Canada. LA Fitness currently offers two types of memberships: 

  • $29.99 per month (+ $99 initiation fee and a $39 annual fee): Access to multiple clubs in a single state. 
  • $26.99 per month (+ $99 initiation fee and a $39 annual fee): Acess to a single club of your choice.

This means that your yearly membership in LA Fitness club will cost you either $461.88 or $497.88 (grand total). Not sure if this really has any benefits for you? 

For a simple comparison, let’s presume you would visit your local LA Fitness club on a single-entry basis. If you’re not lucky enough to be offered some sort of free trial entry, you will on average pay about $15 dollars on every single entry. That means that if you’d attend the gym just once per week, it would cost you about $780 a year!

However, it’s important to note that you might come across some extra fees that are not included in your standard membership. For example, some states have different pricing in general, and there are also LA Signature clubs that will cost you almost double the standard monthly fee (although this also includes various extras such as the towels or admission to some premium amenities).

Canceling Your LA Fitness Membership By Phone

  • Have your full name, date of birth, and member ID information ready.
  • Call LA Fitness’ Customer Service Line at 1-949-255-7200.
  • Press 4, which connects you to a live service representative. Provide the information from the first step.

Canceling Your LA Fitness Membership By Certified Mail

Cancellations by certified mail are possible for all customers, but especially helpful for members who are canceling due to injury. In this circumstance, including a letter from your physician on the nature of your injury allows access to a special injury suspension status, canceling your account until your recovery period is over and you’re ready to safely return.

  • Obtain a Membership Cancellation Form. You can get this from the main desk at a physical location, or by accessing your LA Fitness online account, clicking “My Account,” and printing out the cancellation form.
  • Fill out the form with all of the relevant information. This includes your name, email, gym location, and member ID.
  • If you are suspending your account due to injury, include a doctor’s letter.
  • Send this information via certified mail to LA FITNESS P.O. Box 54170, Irvine, CA 92618-4170

Obtaining Your Member Information

  • Log in to your LA Fitness account.
  • Click “My Account” to obtain your Member ID information.

Membership Status

All membership status changes need to be processed five business days before the next pay period.

Your membership lasts for an additional 30 days after the cancellation period, because all LA Fitness members are required to pay for the first and last month’s fees when they originally sign up. Refunds are not available for this final 30 day period.

If you obtain a temporary suspension due to injury, your final 30 days will not activate.

How to cancel my LA Fitness membership: FAQ

Need more details? These are some of the most commonly asked questions about the LA Fitness membership cancellation policy: 

Can I get a refund from LA Fitness?

In case you decide to cancel your membership before your current billing cycle ends, you cannot ask for a refund, but you are still able to use what’s left of your cycle. The best time to cancel your membership is less than 5 days before the end of your currently paid month, but preferably do it at least a month in advance if you already know about some circumstances that will require you to cancel. 

Can you cancel LA Fitness anytime?

There’s no restrictive commitment period or early termination fee with LA Fitness, so you are free to cancel your membership anytime. After you submit your cancellation request, your membership will be active for the remaining pre-paid period and then it will be terminated.

What happens if I decide to freeze my LA Fitness account?

If you need to take some time off your membership (e.g. traveling, pregnancy, personal reasons, etc.), you don’t have to terminate your subscription completely. Registered LA Fitness members can freeze their membership anytime for up to 6 months in exchange for a “freeze fee” of $35. This fee will be charged with your first regular membership payment after you unfreeze your subscription.

What happens if I stop paying my LA Fitness membership?

Since you are free to cancel your LA Fitness membership anytime and your payments are handled on a monthly basis, you are theoretically free to stop sending your payments anytime and expect to have your membership canceled automatically once your prepaid period ends. However, it’s always recommended to go through the cancellation process properly to avoid any possible misunderstandings, negative credit reports, etc.

Find a Replacement: LA Fitness Alternatives

Thinking about trying some alternative fitness club membership? These three alternatives are surely worth a try: 

Best Fitness

Best Fitness is a popular fitness & health club that currently offers 9 wonderfully equipped gyms all around the states of Massachusetts, New York, and New Hampshire. Whether you’re looking for a weight loss-oriented exercise, cardio training to stimulate your general stamina, strength training to build up your muscles, or group training where fitness meets socializing, Best Fitness really has something for everyone. 

This company’s motto is ”Best People, Best Options, Best Results” – and hundreds of their happy members would surely agree. Monthly fees for Best Fitness membership slightly vary depending on your location, but in general, expect to pay around $20 to $25. Currently, the chain also offers a 7-day free trial.

Future Fitness

Future Fitness is a modern fitness club franchise originally coming from the Delaware Valley, New Jersey. These clubs can offer only the best and most modern equipment, beautiful and well-maintained swimming pools, detailed nutritional training, and a huge variety of both group classes and 1-on-1 personal training options. Future Fitness recently teamed up with Kennedy Health & Fitness, so you can find this franchise under this name now too. Aside from the gym and training, this club also offers various medical monitoring services. 

French Riviera Fitness

French Riviera Fitness is a popular chain of modern gyms located in several different spots around metropolitan areas of New Orleans, Louisianna; Panhandle, Florida, and Birmingham, Alabama. This brand has been around for almost four decades now, offering attractive and boldly equipped gyms, effectively differentiated training programs and various relaxation amenities. French Riviera Fitness offers three types of membership: All-Club Access, Single Club Access (standard business hours), and Single Club Access (24/7). Note that in some locations canceling might be accompanied by a fee. 

Our Recommendation: Conclusion

LA Fitness is a popular all-around fitness club that offers a wide network of top quality gyms, modern and regularly innovated amenities, lots of exclusive extras, and motivating group classes of all sorts. Unfortunately, no fitness club is perfect for everyone. 

Whether you’ve decided to quit your gym routine completely or you found some more attractive competition in your area, you are free to terminate your current LA Fitness membership pretty much anytime and relatively hassle-free. We hope this article explained all the details you needed to know, and that you’ll be able to get through the cancelation process easily.   

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