How Do I Cancel My LA Fitness Membership?

Sometimes, the circumstances of your life simply make it difficult to maintain a gym membership. While LA Fitness is a widely renowned gym, personal circumstances can sometimes interfere with regular gym visits. Here are two ways to cancel your LA Fitness membership, along with some important information on payments and special circumstances.

Canceling Your LA Fitness Membership By Phone

  • Have your full name, date of birth, and member ID information ready.
  • Call LA Fitness’ Customer Service Line at 1-949-255-7200.
  • Press 6, which connects you to a live service representative. Provide the information from the first step.

Canceling Your LA Fitness Membership By Certified Mail

Cancellations by certified mail are possible for all customers, but especially helpful for members who are canceling due to injury. In this circumstance, including a letter from your physician on the nature of your injury allows access to a special injury suspension status, canceling your account until your recovery period is over and you’re ready to safely return.

  • Obtain a Membership Cancellation Form. You can get this from the main desk at a physical location, or by accessing your LA Fitness online account, clicking “My Account,” and printing out the cancellation form.
  • Fill out the form with all of the relevant information. This includes your name, email, gym location, and member ID.
  • If you are suspending your account due to injury, include a doctor’s latter.
  • Send this information via certified mail to LA FITNESS P.O. Box 54170, Irvine, CA 92618-4170

Obtaining Your Member Information

  • Log in to your LA Fitness account.
  • Click “My Account” to obtain your Member ID information.

Membership Status

All membership status changes need to be processed five business days before the next pay period.

Your membership lasts for an additional 30 days after the cancellation period, because all LA Fitness members are required to pay for the first and last month’s fees when they originally sign up. Refunds are not available for this final 30 day period.

If you obtain a temporary suspension due to injury, your final 30 days will not activate.