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In the vast landscape of clothing brands and fashion trends, Love in Faith Christian Apparel shines brightly as a symbol of love, faith, and style. Founded by Dave and Katie in 2017, this online business has captivated a global audience, bringing people together through their shared devotion to Jesus and their entrepreneurial drive. The journey of Dave and Katie began with a deep desire to make a meaningful impact in their community. They recognized a void in the market for faith-based apparel that truly embodied the vibrant spirit and enthusiasm of being a follower of Christ. Dissatisfied with the uninspiring and impersonal options available, they took it upon themselves to create a brand that would authentically showcase the unmatched energy and joy found within the Christian community. Fueled by their personal experiences within the Christian faith, Dave and Katie embarked on a mission. They dedicated every available minute to nurturing their business, often working grueling 18-hour days, six days a week. Their unwavering commitment to their vision allowed them to make significant progress, even if it meant their kitchen counters were buried under piles of packages as they operated from their own home. It became clear that they needed more space and a team to support their growing enterprise. Since those humble beginnings, Love in Faith has blossomed into a beloved global brand. They have revolutionized the concept of faith-based apparel, redefining how believers proudly express their faith through fashion. Offering a wide range of designs for clothing and accessories, Love in Faith provides a fun and stylish avenue for individuals to outwardly showcase their faith and share the love of Jesus with the world. What sets Love in Faith apart is their unwavering commitment to giving back and being a beacon of hope. Dave and Katie’s belief in the transformative power of love and faith has motivated them to actively support various charitable causes. They form partnerships with organizations dedicated to uplifting communities and spreading love to those in need. When customers purchase Love in Faith products, they not only embrace their faith but also contribute to making a positive difference in the world. The success of Love in Faith lies not only in their dedication to quality and style, but also in their genuine understanding of their community’s needs. Their designs resonate with believers of all ages, capturing the essence of faith in ways that are relatable, fashionable, and inspiring. From uplifting quotes to intricately crafted artwork, each piece of clothing or accessory tells a unique story and fosters a profound connection between the wearer and their faith. Love in Faith Christian Apparel has unequivocally proven that faith is a timeless style. By seamlessly blending love, faith, and fashion, Dave and Katie have cultivated a brand that unifies people, nurtures a sense of community, and brings joy to those who wear their products. As Love in Faith continues to expand its reach and touch lives across the globe, one thing remains certain: the power of love and faith knows no boundaries, and they can be exquisitely expressed through the art of fashion. Whether you seek to outwardly express your faith, draw inspiration, or make a positive impact in the world, Love in Faith Christian Apparel is here to empower you to wear your heart on your sleeve and spread the love of Jesus wherever you go.


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Follow these steps:

  1. Shoot the email to [email protected]
  2. Create an email requesting cancellation, for a confirmation number and final billing details

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