How do I cancel my World Gym Membership Immediately

World Gym is internationally known for its workout facilities, and they’ve built a name for themselves on a global scale. They are a franchise, making it easy for them to spread their brand quickly and efficiently. As a franchise, however, each location is entitled to determine their own membership requirements. This means that cancelling a membership must be done at the location where it was opened. However, there are some basics you’ll need to know before attempting to cancel here. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THIS GYM REQUIRES 60 DAYS TO PROCESS CANCELLATION, SO BE SURE TO CANCEL AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

You will need some specific information:

  • The exact address of the gym where you signed up. You can get this from Google or from the gym directly with a phone call.
  • Your personal information, including your full name, full billing address, date of birth, and a reason for cancellation. Don’t let this requirement intimidate you; remember that your health is your choice, and if this gym isn’t working out, then it is your right to cancel.

You will need to cancel your subscription by certified mail, so make sure to cancel well before the subscription is set to renew on your credit card or bank account. Follow these steps to cancel by certified mail:

  • Make sure you are eligible to cancel. You’ll need to call the gym where you signed up to get this information.
  • Write cancellation letter. This does not have to be fancy or formal, it must only express your desire to end your association with the gym.
  • Send the letter to the gym location, making sure to send it via certified mail, obtaining proof of delivery.
  • After you receive proof of delivery, call the gym to make sure your membership is cancelled.