How do I Cancel my Score Sense

How do I Cancel my Score Sense

If you need to review your credit score, platforms like Score Sense offer convenient and comprehensive services that can help you out. This popular website will allow you to stay on top of your credibility by providing you with detailed reports and advice in exchange for a monthly fee. But how to cancel Score Sense once you don’t need it anymore? This cancellation guide has all the information you’re looking for. 

How does Score Sense work?

When you’re applying for a loan or a mortgage, your credit score becomes one of the most important parameters that determine whether you succeed or not. Some people go straight ahead and hope for the best. Others like to prepare in advance and know their real options. Those from the latter group typically look for some reliable credit report provider that will give them good insight.

Score Sense is one of the numerous companies that specialize in this particular field. What makes this platform stand out from the crowd is that unlike most of its competition, Score Sense will provide you with three separate credit reports based on three different calculation methods. This should give you the best possible idea of how things really stand – and the best chance to reach your goals.

What should you expect to pay for this service? At first, nothing. Score Sense provides its first-time users with an unpaid trial period. After this period expires, expect to be charged a membership fee on a monthly basis. The scheme goes as follows:

  • First 7 days: Free trial period. You can cancel anytime without being charged.

  • After trial period: Automated payment of a membership fee ($29.95 per month).

Besides the initial reports, your subscription will also grant you convenient updates on your credit score whenever there is some change. You can also access a large knowledge base with many useful articles, and your reports will be available to you on the go through the dedicated smartphone app.

Although Score Sense has a relatively low and affordable fee, once you’ve already achieved your goals, there’s usually no point in keeping your subscription active. Cancellation then becomes your only option, but the process might be a bit confusing. Read on for our thorough instructions.

How to cancel your Score Sense account 

If you’ve decided to terminate your Score Sense account, you’re facing two major questions: When is the best time to request cancellation? And how to proceed with it? To spare you from trouble, we’ve pulled together a simple yet comprehensive cancellation guide with step-by-step instructions:

Score Sense is a company that provides services to monitor and protect your credit. Through Score Sense, members have access to credit reports with all three bureaus. You can access your reports and scores as often as you would like.  The website also provides credit monitoring and identity protection services. Monitoring your score and understanding your credit is important, but if you have found that you no longer wish to continue your Score Sense subscription, the cancellation process is easy. You will need your member i.d. number, full name, and address registered to your account. Currently, cancellation can only be done by calling a Score Sense customer care representative. However, if you do not have access to a phone, you can mail a request to the company.

To Cancel by Phone

  1. Call 1-800-972-7204. Customer care representatives are available seven days a week. Their phone hours are Monday through Friday 8am to 8pm CST, Saturday 8am to 5pm CST, and Sunday Noon to 6pm CST.
  2. Ask a representative to cancel your account.

To Cancel through Mail

  1. Write a letter requesting your subscription to be cancelled. Be sure to include your member id, address, phone number, and email address.
  2. Mail your correspondence to:

4447 North Central Expressway Suite 100 PMB 406 Dallas, TX 75205 Note:

  • Score Sense offers a free 7-day trial. Cancellation must be made before the end of the trial period to avoid being charged.
  • Once you have cancelled, you will receive no further charges.
  • You can cancel your subscription without cancelling your membership. If you cancel your subscription but maintain your membership your monthly charges will stop but you will still have access to some of the site?s services.
  • You can reactivate your subscription at any time. Simply call customer service and let them know you?d like to reactivate your account.

How to cancel your Score Sense account: FAQ

Feel like some of your concerns were not addressed properly yet? Here are some commonly asked questions on Score Sense and its cancellation policy:

Can I reactivate my Score Sense membership once I’ve canceled it?

If you’ve terminated your Score Sense membership but later realized that you’d like to have it back, rest assured that the reactivation process is rather simple. All you really have to do is contact Score Sense’s customer support at 1-800-972-7204 and request your reactivation.  

Is Score Sense legitimate?

Score Sense is a renowned and legitimate company based in Dallas, Texas. Most of its users state that they were satisfied with the service they got – they often namely praise the company’s responsive customer support. Score Sense is also technically safe and well secured – the platform is encrypted with 128-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology. 

How do I contact Score Sense?

You can contact Score Sense by calling its Customer Care department at 1-800-972-7204 (Monday – Friday 8 AM to 8 PM, Saturday 8 AM to 5 PM, Sunday 12 PM to 6 PM CST). You can also talk to SS’s representatives via Live Chat on the website, or visit their office in person at 8144 Walnut Hill Lane, Suite 600 Dallas, TX 75231.

Are there any Score Sense alternatives?

If you’re looking for another credit report provider besides Score Sense, these alternatives might interest you:

Credit Karma

Credit Karma is another credit reporting company that provides you with access to your credit scores and reports from two of the most relevant sources – TransUnion and Equifax. 

The most attractive aspect of this service is that it’s totally free – the company, which also offers its recommendations on relevant banking products, claims to get revenues from the advertised institutions instead of charging their customers.

Credit Repair

If you’re looking for a complex package of reports, advice, and direct action, Credit Repair might be exactly what you need. 

Whether you need in-depth reports with professional explanation, consolidation of your credit issues, or complete step-by-step guidance towards your goal, this company is ready to stand by your side. The service currently comes at $99.95 per month. is currently the only official Federal law-approved provider of credit health reports. It provides you with a free credit report from each of the three most important credit bureaus: TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax. 

The only downside of this service is that you are eligible for free reports only once every 12 months. Nevertheless, some users learned to overcome this limit by requesting only one of the three available reports every 3-4 months. Definitely something worth trying.


Having control over your credit score can turn out to be pretty tough. Sometimes, all it takes is a tiny negligence or just lack of in-depth knowledge and your plans might be halted for many years. Your best chance is to stay informed and learn how to understand the numbers and factors behind them. Credit reports provided by Score Sense can be very helpful in this regard.

Nevertheless, there usually comes a time when your subscription costs you more than it actually gives you. Once you’ve successfully achieved your goals or maybe found some more suitable alternative, it’s probably time to wave your Score Sense subscription goodbye.

If you want to make sure that your account is terminated properly and you won’t be charged for your membership anymore, it’s important to follow the recommended procedure step-by-step. Alternatively, we’d be happy to spare you from the trouble completely and manage your cancellation for you. This will give you complete peace of mind and save you lots of time and energy for some more important tasks.