Retro Fitness

Retro Fitness is a members only health club available at 150 locations across the country that feature cardio equipment, circuit training equipment, movie theaters that play ’80’s films, weights, personal training, tanning, group fitness, a Retro Blends smoothie bar, supplements, and chiropractic services.

Often you’ll find you’re not putting your memberships to use or maybe you’re switching gyms, either way cancelling can be frustrating, these steps will make the process simple and quick.

Each Retro Fitness location is owned and operated independently and as such, they have their own cancellation policies. Laws in each state can affect cancellation policy as well, so getting in contact with your gym is the best way to start the process. Unfortunately, there is no way to cancel online or by phone so you’ll need to mail a letter.

What you will need to cancel:

  • Your full name that is listed on your membership contract
  • Your date of birth
  • Your complete billing address that is on file

Steps to cancel Retro Fitness membership:

  1. Call your gym location and confirm that you are eligible to cancel
  2. Draft a cancellation letter that includes the account specific information listed above
  3. Send the signed letter via certified mail to the address that is given by the gym
  4. Get a confirmation of your cancellation and save this for your records

Contacting about billing inquiries:

All billing inquiries are handled by ABC Financial Services. They can be contacted at: 888-827-9262

Please Note:

The cancellation does not go through immediately. You will continue paying through the current period as per their cancellation notice policy. Keep this in mind when planning your cancellation.

Make sure to stay on top of your billing notices as well to make sure the membership cancellation went through. You don’t want to end up paying extra when you’re not even making use of your membership.