How do I cancel my Protect America Home Security account

Protect America is a home monitoring system, often provided for a lower cost than the competition. One of their biggest selling points is that they are able to fit into any sized budget, and they offer some interesting perks. They provide around-the-clock service, apps, free quotes, and free installation. However, sometimes, it’s necessary to cancel. Remember, with this company, there is a 36-month contract which may restrict cancellation, or include a fee for cancellations services. It’s possible to cancel within the first 14 days with only a restocking fee, so make sure the services are right for you within the first two weeks. Follow the instructions below to cancel within the first 14 days or after the 36-month contract.

It’s important to remember that cancellation must be completed in writing to be validated by the company.

Gather together these items to cancel the subscription:

  • Full name on the contract
  • Address of service location
  • Full phone number
  • Full email address used to sign up
  • Full account number
  • The verbal password set up at time of contract

Follow these steps after gathering the above information:

Call 1 800 951 5111, then select option 4

Make the request to cancel with the customer service representative

Be prepared for the representative to review your eligibility to cancel

Write down the information the representative gives you: they will give you an email address and specific account information you need, as the cancellation will need to be in written form.

Submit your cancellation request in writing to the email provided, being sure to include any information provided by the customer service representative. Make sure to get notification that the service has been cancelled; if this confirmation does not arrive, begin the steps over again.