Magnetique is a line of hair-growth, skin, and fitness products that are designed to revitalize, regrow and rejuvenate your hair, nails, and body. Magnetique offers a simple, natural solution to your everyday hair, skin, and fitness problems and provides easy-to-use products that are drug-free and provide your entire body with essential hydration, essential nutrients, cleansing, toning, and sun protection while you are using the products. Magnetique sells products that help heal and fix these issues at the cellular level to provide the user with optimal results.

Magnetique provides an easy solution to shopping online and provides a variety of bundles of different hair, skin, and fitness supplements to help you find the exact combination of products that work for you. Many combinations of products are recommended as one supplement will help enhance the effects of the other supplements included in the package to provide customers with the best possible results from these supplements.

Information Needed To Cancel Your Magnetique Subscription:

  • Full Name
  • Address On Your Account

How To Cancel Your Subscription Via Phone:

  1. Call Magnetique’s Customer Service line at 1-800-484-0063 or 1-844-222-7431.
  2. Request cancellation of your subscription (it is believed that Magnetique is similar to Garcinia where you can purchase products from multiple companies all connected to the same overhead brand).
  3. Provide that your name and address that is associated with your account so the customer service representative can find your account.
  4. Request confirmation that your account was canceled in case future billing discrepancies occur.

Pro Tips:

Contact both numbers listed till you find the proper number to cancel your subscription.

Request confirmation to assure that you have canceled your account in case any future discrepancies occur in billing or you have any issues with being charged after you have request cancellation of your subscription.

Ask for any refunds you may be eligible for upon canceling your subscription.