How Do I Cancel My LifeLock

LifeLock is an identity theft protection company. It was founded in 2005 by Robert Maynard, Jr. and Todd Davis. The company is a subsidiary of Symantec and is owns a daughter company, ID Analytics. LifeLock’s headquarters are located in Tempe, Arizona. The current Executive Vice Chairman is Todd Davis. The CEO is Hilary Schneider. The company’s revenue is over $500 million and employs almost 1,000 employees.

LifeLock sells monitoring services, including lost wallet protection, address change verification, black market website monitoring, pre-approved credit card offers, identity monitoring, and court records scanning. They offer various plans. The LifeLock Standard is $9.99 per month and includes $25,000 reimbursement for stolen funds and social security number/credit alerts. The LifeLock Advantage plan is $19.99 per month and includes $100,000 reimbursement for stolen funds. It also includes social security number/credit alerts, bank and credit card activity alerts, and alerts on crimes in your name. The largest and most recommended plan is the LifeLock Ultimate Plus plan and it is only $29.99 per month. It includes a $1 million reimbursement for stolen funds, social security number/credit alerts, bank and credit card activity alerts, alerts on crimes in your name, and 401(k) and investment activity alerts. You will also have access to annual credit reports and scores from all three major credit bureaus – TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. You can also purchase the three plans and bundle them with Norton Security, with the price being upped to $14.99, $24.99, and $34.99 per month, respectively. There may be special promotional discounts for your first year of service.

If you no longer need LifeLock’s services, you can easily cancel. We have put together some steps on how to do so. Please continue reading for more information. 

Get together this information:
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Username
  • Password
  • Billing Address
  • City
  • State/Province/Region
  • ZIP/Postal Code
  • Country
  • Reason for Cancellation
  • Last 4 Digits of Card
  • Date of Last Charge
  • Amount of Last Charge
  • Social Security Number
  • The Security Question setup on your account
  • The Answer to the Security Question setup on your account
To cancel by Phone (Live Agent):
  1. Pick up your phone and call 800-543-3562
  2. Choose phone option number 1 and then number 4
  3. Tell the representative that you’d like to cancel
  4. Help the representative locate your account by providing the info they ask for
  5. If you’re unsure, ask if you’re going to be charged again
  6. Ask the representative for a receipt, email, or confirmation number
  7. It’s important to keep the info about your cancellation, just in case!