How Do I Cancel My Vydox Account

Vydox has been offering male enhancement supplement, referring to their product as the Orange Pill. They do not offer refunds for unused product, but they do allow customers to cancel an order before it arrives at the home. After purchase, if you change your mind, you’ll have to act fast to get the order cancelled and receive a refund for payment. If the shipment is received, and, in some cases, signed for upon delivery, Vydox will reserve the right to deny a cancellation. Further, Vydox will withhold your product if payment is not received in full.

Pursuing a Vydox cancellation:

  • You’ll have to start by calling 1 855 868 6659, which is the customer service number.
  • You can also email the customer service department at [email protected]
  • Have your payment information on hand, you may be asked what form of payment you used to complete the transaction. The information will be necessary if a refund is granted.
  • After you have called the number listed above, ask to talk to a cancellation representative to help you reverse a placed order.
  • Make sure to note the name of the person with whom you speak, as well as the day and time.
  • You might need to give the representative an order number, so keep that handy, and he or she may ask you for a cancellation reason.
  • If you choose to use email, remember that it doesn’t need to be fancy. Simply type out a message stating that you want to cancel, and ask for a confirmation email in return.
  • Follow the instructions provided in the reply email to ensure your order is cancelled and your funds are returned.