How Do I Cancel My Early Moments Account Quickly?

Early Moments is an excellent online book club for children, providing fun books to foster the love of reading! However, children will phase out of the service, at which time, parents will need to cancel the subscription. It is nice to know that this company requires customers to contact the customer service department directly to cancel the services. It is important, however, to remember that this company requires more than one business day to process a cancellation, so be sure to cancel subscriptions well before they are scheduled to automatically renew. Otherwise, you’ll be charged for another month of service.

Necessary Cancellation Items:

You’ll need the invoice from your first shipment, which has your account number. You’ll also need your mailing zip code. If you don’t have the invoice, ask for the account number from the customer service department.

Cancellation Steps (Have a pen and paper ready):

  • Call customer service at the number below
  • Enter your account number manually – you’ll have to do this before you talk to a person.
  • Confirm your account by entering your zip code
  • Follow all prompts to speak to a person.
  • Make sure to write down with whom you are speaking, as well as the time and date of the conversation.
  • Tell the representative you want the account cancelled.
  • Ask if you are entitled to a refund for unused services.
  • Alternatively, you may email a cancellation request, but this not only takes longer, but could cause you to be billed for a new month of services you don’t need.

Contact Information:

Customer service telephone number: 1-800-353-3140
Customer service email address: [email protected]