About HBO Now


HBO Now is one of the latest and greatest entries into the ever growing video on demand market. HBO Now provides a digital only on demand library similar to Netflix, but not the traditional HBO Live Cable Channel subscription most are used to. HBO Go is a service similar to, but not the same as HBO Now. Should you find you need to cancel HBO Now, check out the guide below. Note that if you signed up with a mobile device, you may want to use that same device to perform the cancellation!


How do I Cancel My HBO Now


To cancel a HBO Now account by METHOD you will need:
First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, Email Address, Username, Password, Billing Address, City, State/Province/Region, ZIP/Postal Code, Country, Reason for Cancellation, Last 4 Digits of Card, Date of Last Charge, Amount of Last Charge, and some of your time

  1. Head over to
  2. Login with your Email Address and Password
  3. Continue by clicking on “Settings”
  4. Continue by clicking on “Billing Information”
  5. Continue by clicking on “Cancel Subscription” if Available
  6. If not available, read the page carefully for instructions on how to cancel your subscription!