How do I Cancel my Great Fun Account

Great Fun does not penalize their customers for cancelling an account. You can cancel whenever you want. There are a few ways to cancel this membership, which include calling, online, and by USPS. Whichever forum works best for you is the one you should use, so follow the steps below under your desired cancellation method.

Gather Together:

  • The username and password you used to set up the account
  • One of the following three forms of communication:
  • Phone number: 1 877 488 9480
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Mailing address: Great Fun, PO Box 41248, Nashville, TN 37204

Calling Customer Service:

  • Call the number listed above
  • Ask the representative to cancel your service. The representative may ask for a reason for cancelling, but this is only for feedback purposes. You don’t need to give a reason if you don’t feel it’s necessary to the process.

Writing an Email:

  • Write your request in an email, remembering that it doesn’t have to be formal or fancy. It simply must state that you wish to cancel.
  • Send the email to the address above.

Using the Website:

  • Go online to
  • Find the Sign In link and sign into your account.
  • Find the “Customer Care” page
  • Fill out all information fields, then find the “Select a Reason to Contact” field. Click on “Member Cancellation”
  • Submit the form, confirming your cancellation request

Mailing Through USPS:

Write a letter requesting cancellation of your membership.

Send the letter to the Nashville address, above, using the term “Attention: Membership Department” directly above the street address.

Use certified mail to ensure delivery, and reception, of the letter.