Fitness Connection

Fitness Connection is a health club. The company claims to provide upscale fitness amenities at an affordable price. Their operations service North Carolina, Nevada, and Texas.

The company offers three training options: personal, small group, and team training sessions. All personal trainers are certified.

The company has pools, spas, saunas, and steam rooms. Members can also play racquetball and basketball on courts. There is a Kid’s Club and Fit Flix cinema for the family.

In this brief guide, we’ll show you how to cancel your Fitness Connection gym membership.

What you’ll need to cancel your membership

  • The membership, barcode, or key tag numbers associated with your account.
  • The cell phone or home phone number used to open the account.
  • Name.
  • Address.

Steps to cancel your Fitness Connection membership

Customers must meet Fitness Connection’s conditions before canceling your membership with the company.

Account cancellation conditions

  1. Members are required to have a valid reason to cancel. Fitness Connection will only approve a membership cancellation if the initial contract commitment period ended. Additional valid reasons include military or chronic health conditions.
  2. Individuals should provide a 30-day notice. A second billing cycle should take place. Members will have access to all gym services until their membership expires.
  3. Customers may incur additional charges after canceling. If another billing occurs within your 30-day notice cancellation period, you’ll still be charged.


  1. Contact your local Fitness Connection to see if you’re eligible to end the membership.
  2. Ask for the correct barcode number associated with your club account.
  3. Go to or
  4. Complete the company’s online cancellation form.
  5. Give your client email address.
  6. After you submit it, a cancellation verification form containing a client case number will be emailed to you.
  7. Submit the client case number to Fitness Connection to confirm your cancellation.
  8. Former members will receive a 30-day notice after their account is canceled.

Note: The Dallas/Austin Fitness Connection requires members to contact customer service number to cancel their accounts. (Follow the steps below).


  1. Contact your local gym to obtain your account membership, barcode, or tag number.
  2. Ask if you’ve met the conditions outlined in your contract. If so, proceed to cancel your account.
  3. Phone customer service at (281) 931-6609. (Dallas/Austin members are required to call (800) 922-7898).
  4. Provide your account information.
  5. Ask customer service to cancel your account.
  6. Individuals will receive an email confirmation.


  1. Contact your local gym.
  2. Ask for your account membership, barcode, or tag information.
  3. Learn if you’ve fulfilled Fitness Connection’s contract commitment. If yes, proceed to cancel.
  4. Email [email protected]. Request a membership cancellation. Provide your name, address, birth date. Also submit your membership, barcode, or tag number.
  5. Once you’ve successfully canceled, you will receive a confirmation email.

Pro Tip: Find out if you’ve fulfilled Fitness Connection’s initial commitment period, before canceling your account.

Pro Tip 2: Cancel your Fitness Connection account on the company’s billing day. This will give a 30-day grace period and may prevent your card from being charged again.

Company Information

Fitness Connection

PO Box 680768

Houston, TX 77268-0768