How do I cancel my First American Home Buyers Protection Corporation account?

First American Home Buyers Protection Corporation provides home warranty services to protect homeowners from unexpected home repair and replacement costs. You can subscribe to different plans that provide home warranty coverage which last one year and are renewable. The cost of a home warranty varies on your plan as well as your geographic location. While there is no limit to request service under their home warranty, there is a service fee of $50 to $100 per request.

For people who do not need to request a service often, or rarely do, the annual cost of the warranty may not seem worth it. Or, they want to switch to a different home warranty provider.

If you find your account with First American Home Buyers Protection Corporation no longer needed, follow the steps below to cancel your account:

How To Cancel Your Account:

Note: You cannot cancel your First Home warranty via their online website. You will have to contact them directly through phone or email.

You will need:

1. The name the contract is under

2. Billing details such as contract number

3. Your reason for cancelling the contract

Cancel By Phone:

Call 1-800-992-3400 to connect with a customer representative to discuss your cancellation options.

Cancel By Email:

Send a cancellation request to [email protected] with your contract information such as name and contract number, as well as the reason you are canceling. Note, this is only the initial email. You will have to wait for their reply to start the cancellation process.

There are several complaints online regarding the difficulty to cancel with First American, but continue to follow-up via phone and email.