How Do I Cancel My Experian Account

Experian is a service that monitors your credit rating. If you have decided that the detailed Experian offers is not useful, you can cancel your account but there are some important details that you should keep in mind. Unfortunately, Experian does not offer a way to cancel on its website. The two options are to cancel by phone or e-mail. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages.

Cancellation by Phone

The quickest way to close your account is to call a customer service representative at 1-877-284-7942. When you reach an agent, he or she will ask for:

  • Your name
  • Member number or social security number
  • Billing address
  • Date of Birth
  • Email address

In addition, the representative may verify your identity by asking you the answer to security questions that were set up when you opened the account. If you can’t remember your security answer, feel free to ask the representative for a hint to jog your memory.

Once the representative has verified your identity, he or she will try to question about why you are canceling. Agents are trained to do this and are simply doing their jobs. They may even offer you a “free membership” to keep you in their system. You do not need to engage in this conversation, however. Politely, but firmly, tell the person on the phone that you wish to close your account immediately. Simply repeat that you are not interested in Experian’s produce and wish to close your account. You can try asking for a refund which Experian might issue if you have only had the account open for a short time but the company is not obligated to honor your request.

Once the representative closes your account, it is critically important to get a confirmation number for the cancellation. That way you can prove you ended the commercial relationship in case Experian erroneously continues to bill your credit card.

Cancellation by Email

You can also close your account by emailing [email protected]┬áto make the request in writing. Provide the same information as you would over the phone (listed above). Experian should respond within two business days (48 hours). If you have not received an answer by then, it would be a good idea to follow-up with another email or by phone.


If you want to cancel your Experian account and forget about it, then call a customer service representative, making sure to get a confirmation number. If you would prefer to avoid any sales pitch or want a written record, then send a cancellation request by e-mail. Just remember to follow-up if you don’t get a timely response.