How do I Cancel My Disney Movie Club Account?

Disney Movie Club is a well-known option where people purchase movies from Disney for a lowered rate. Many people love the service because it offers cheaper movies for a short 2-year subscription time period. However, it’s important to remember that this service requires a subscriber to purchase a specific amount of movies within that 2-year period, and the agreement does not allow users to cancel the subscription until these requirements are fulfilled. After you’ve filled their requirements and purchased the number of movies within your contracted agreement, Disney is happy to help you unsubscribe from the service. Gather together some information and proceed to the cancellation information listed here:

You’ll need these items to cancel:

  • The full name on your Disney account
  • The full address where the movies are delivered
  • The full phone number
  • The full account number

Move through these steps to cancel via phone:

  • Dial 1 800 362 4587
  • Choose Option 1
  • Choose Option 3
  • Talk to a person who is happy to help you in your cancellation process.

It is important to remember that anyone can cancel the service within 14 days of initial subscription with no penalty. However, after this initial two weeks, the subscriber is locked in to the contract. After the terms are met, Disney is more than happy to help anyone cancel, as the company is known for its goal in creating satisfied customers. As long as customers remember to read the contract fully, and understand that cancellation before full purchase of all the required movies may be impossible, then everyone will have a satisfying experience.