Crunch Gym

Crunch Fitness is a health and fitness chain that serves America and Australia. The gym launched in 1989 as a basement studio in New York City’s East Village. The club fuses heart-pounding exercise and fun-filled entertainment. They currently have 500,000 members.

Crunch Gym offers memberships that start at $9.95. Crunch Fitness offers customers strength and cardio classes. They have personal trainers that provide one-on-one training for individuals.

The gym chain provides massages, workouts, tanning areas, and nutrition courses. Premium members can use their yoga studios, locker rooms with towel service, spa, and sauna. Additionally, the chain has spin and yoga studios.

This guide will teach you how to cancel your Crunch Fitness Gym Membership.

How to Cancel

Some Crunch Gym locations require individuals to remain in their contracts for one-year before they’re allowed to cancel their memberships. Please read the fine print before signing any contract. Here are tips to cancel your account.

What You’ll Need

  • The barcode number associated with your membership.
  • Your full name.
  • Your email address.
  • Your reason for canceling.

Steps to Cancel Your Crunch Membership

By Phone (Corporate Locations Only)

  1. Call your area’s Crunch Gym location.
  2. Ask if you’re eligible to cancel your membership.
  3. Find out if your area’s Crunch Gym is corporate-owned.
  4. If it’s corporate-owned, contact Crunch Gym’s customer service number at (866) 428-9664.
  5. Ask to cancel your account.
  6. Request a written confirmation.

By Certified Letter

  1. Contact the local Crunch Gym you attend.
  2. Find out if you’re eligible to cancel your membership.
  3. If your Crunch Gym is not corporate-owned, send a certified letter to the gym.
  4. In the letter, include your account number, email and other information. Notify the club that you’re canceling your membership. You’re required to include a cancellation reason.
  5. Request a confirmation in writing.

In Person

  1. Call your local Crunch Fitness and find out if it’s corporate-owned.
  2. If not, write a letter to your local Crunch Fitness explaining you’re ending your membership. Include the account number, full name, and your cancellation reason.
  3. Drive to Crunch Fitness with your letter.
  4. Speak with the gym’s manager or assistant manager.
  5. Deliver the cancellation letter.
  6. Request a written and signed letter (or form) acknowledging your account cancellation.
  7. Keep the letter on file for your records.

Company Information

Crunch LLC

220 West 19th Street

New York, NY 10011

United States

Founded in 1989

  • Phone: 212-370-0998
  • Customer Service: (866) 428-9664
  • Website:

Billing Descriptors

Continue monitoring your credit card statement to ensure no additional charges are being placed on your account. Here are some Crunch Gym billing descriptors.

  • ABC*CRUNCH FITNESS 800-6226290 CA
  • ABC*CRUNCH FITNESS 800-6226290 FL
  • CRUNCH100A 800-547-1743 NY
  • CRUNCH100A
  • CRUNCH100A 800-547-1743 NY
  • CRUNCH202 800-547-1743 CA
  • CRUNCHESSENTIAL600A 800-547-1743 NY
  • Crunch Gym
  • Crunch Gym NEW YORK NY