Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is an adult social networking community. Darren Morgenstern founded the Canadian-based company in 2002. The site says it is a married dating service. The name for the site comes from two popular female names: Ashley and Madison. As of 2016, the website has more than 46 million active users.

It connects individuals in committed relationships and marriages with potential affair partners. Members can have discreet sexual encounters or affairs.

Ashley Madison’s motto is “Life is short. Have an affair.” Morgenstern says that he has one of the internet’s most open-minded dating communities. The business says it tries to protect customer’s privacy.

Learn how you can cancel your Ashley Madison subscription.

To get started on canceling your Ashley Madison account, you will need:

  • Your first and last name used to subscribe.
  • Ashley Madison profile name and account number.
  • E-mail address used to open the account.
  • Your address.
  • The last four or first six numbers of your credit card.

Steps to Cancel

Via Online
  1. Got to Ashley Madison’s Deletion/Deactivation Page (
  2. Follow the steps to cancel on the screen.
Via Login
  1. Sign in to your Ashley Madison account.
  2. Choose the option: “Manage Profile.”
  3. Close your profile.
  4. Additionally, users can select the “Complete Profile Removal” option. This is an alternative to the basic account termination.
Via Phone
  1. Phone 1-866-742-2218.
  2. Ask to cancel your account.
  3. Request an email cancellation confirmation.

Insider Tip

Users should delete all public photos, texts, videos, and third-party logins before you canceling your accounts. Finish the auto-billing cancellation process first before asking to delete your account by phone.

Company Information

Ashley Madison

P.O. Box 67027 | Toronto, ON M4P 1E4(416) 480-2334

Billing Descriptors

Continue monitoring your credit card bills. Charges from Ashley Madison may appear as the following on your credit card statement.