How do I Cancel my…

The cleanest, fastest ways to deactivate my account

Wow, what a week!

Finally figuring out how I can describe how to cancel different types of especially stubborn accounts this week, starting with Planet Fitness and now working on a method for deleting Facebook accounts. Promise there will be more step by step guides coming soon. Stay tuned!

New Articles

Added some new articles today. Let me know what you think.

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What do you want to cancel?

Let me know what you’re looking to cancel, and I’ll do my best to try to tell you how. Add a comment here.

Doesn’t it suck?

Doesn’t it suck when a company won’t just give you a big fat button on their website that says,

“Stop charging me!”

Unfortunately for us consumers, many companies optimize for their customer retention rates rather than customer satisfaction — especially when it comes to their customers leaving for greener pastures.

It’s for this reason I am creating How Do I Cancel My (EDIT 2012: or as fans now like to call it, HDICM). Instead of searching throughout the net to find out how to stop paying monthly fees from Planet Fitness, Comcast, Netflix, Gold’s, LinkedIn Premium, etc., I hope people will find this site first.

Here, I have one simple goal: answer the question — no B.S. — How Do I Cancel my Account?

If I am succeeding, help me spread the word. “Like” the pages that you find to be the most helpful, and comment with suggestions of alternative services for our scorned brethren.

If  I am failing, please let me know how. Email me at